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Over the past decade at least 2,400 people have been killed by CIA drone strikes in the tribal areas of north west Pakistan. Many of those who have been killed have been described as militants by media reports and officials. About a fifth of the dead are described as civilians. But little more is known about the majority of those that have been killed.

Here is a list, which can be sorted by various filters on the right, identifying those that are reported to have died in the attacks. As far as possible basic biographical information is included in this list, and where available, fuller details can be seen by clicking ‘Case study’.

Where media reports or other resources describe an individual as a militant we have recorded them here as such. And where an individual is reported as a civilian we record them here as civilians. Where the reporting is ambiguous we record them as Unknown. For more information please see our methodology.

Identified people killed by
drone strikes in Pakistan

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