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South Waziristan 16/03/2008

TBIJ strike ID: B14

The US attacked the home of Noorullah Wazir, a local tribal elder, killing at least 18.

A leaked US intelligence document simply noted that ‘more Al Qaeda trainees were killed’. Bureau researchers found four civilians were killed. The head of the Pakistan army General Kayani later secretly complained to the US that this strike ‘upset the balance’ in the tribal areas and showed how the US misunderstood the ‘complexity’ there.

References: Geo TV, Long War Journal, Global Jihad monitoring service, AFP, Long War Journal, SATP, US secret memo, YouTube (jihadist video), US diplomatic cable, The News, Bureau





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CIA drone strikes have killed over 2,500 people in Pakistan; many are described as militants, but some are civilians. This is a record of those who have died in these attacks.

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