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Amir Hamza Toji Khel




Ahmadzai Wazir



Reported status

Alleged militant

Militant affiliation




Case study

Until his death in 2012, Amir Hamza Toji Khel was an important commander in the so-called ‘good’ Taliban of Maulvi Nazir.

The ‘good’ Taliban focuses on attacking US and Nato forces fighting in Afghanistan, rather than attacking targets in Pakistan like the Pakistan Taliban (TTP). Maulvi Nazir led a major faction of the ‘good’ Taliban until he too died in the first drone strike of 2013 (see Ob304).

Khel sat on the five-member ‘Shura-i-Muraqaba’, a council formed on December 31 2011 to mediate disputes between local groups and ‘stop [the] killing of local tribesmen by terming them “spies”.’

The council comprised Maulvi Saddar Hayat, Maulvi Saeedullah, Maulvi Noor Sayed and Maulvi Azmatullah. Khel was Maulvi Nazir’s representative on the council.

Khel’s corpse was taken to Angoor Adda. Following his death, he was included on a list of senior Taliban commanders who had been killed that was submitted to a US Senate hearing in April 2013.

Sources and Citations

Intelligence sources and local people (Dawn); Yar Mohammad, a local tribesman (Associated Press); Pakistani official (Express Tribune); officials (PTI); informers (AFP)


Died 09/03/2012

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CIA drone strikes have killed over 2,500 people in Pakistan; many are described as militants, but some are civilians. This is a record of those who have died in these attacks.

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