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Ismail Khan




Probably Kazha Madakhel, a sub-clan of the Ahmadzai Wazir





Place of origin

A small village in the Datta Khel area

Reported status

Reported civilian

Civilian occupation

Tribal elder/malik

Case study

Ismail Khan was among the dozens of men killed in an attack on a large group of men who had gathered to resolve a tribal dispute.

Relatives of several of the dead – including Ismail’s son Imran Khan – later submitted sworn statements to the High Court in London detailing the incident.

Ismail was a malik [elder] in a ‘small village near Datta Khel’, his son said. He described his father:

‘During jirgas… my father was known to be the one who came up with logical and practical solutions. He was revered as an excellent mediator. He always did the right thing for the community and the tribe. He opposed terrorism and militancy and was not himself in any way connected to these things.’

His son added that Ismail was the sole earner for his family of eight, and that after his death it had fallen to Imran to provide for them.


Video: Brave New Foundation

Sources and Citations

Sworn affidavit submitted to High Court in March 2012 (Bureau); sources (Dawn); Living Under Drones (Stanford/NYU)


Died 17/03/2011

Details of the strike

    Known Family

    • Imran Khan, son
    • Two unnamed male relatives
    • Six unnamed relatives of unspecified age or gender.

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CIA drone strikes have killed over 2,500 people in Pakistan; many are described as militants, but some are civilians. This is a record of those who have died in these attacks.

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