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Mohammed Haqqani







Place of origin

Unknown - Afghanistan or Pakistan

Reported status

Alleged militant

Militant affiliation

Haqqani Network



Case study

Mohammed Haqqani was one of 12 sons of Jalaluddin Haqqani, the patriarch of the Haqqani Network. He was a younger brother of Sirajuddin or Siraj, the military commander of the Network.

Several of the Haqqani brothers have gone on to become prominent members of the armed group – including Badruddin Haqqani, who was killed in a drone strike in 2012 and was described as a senior military commander. But it is unclear whether Mohammed was an active member of the network.

A source close to the Haqqani family told the New York Times that Siraj Haqqani wanted his younger brother to study religion so he could have a “more normal life”. And a senior Pakistani security official told AFP: “Mohammed was not actively involved in the movement but his place was used as a hideout for Arab foreign militants.”

However US intelligence officers said Mohammed was a military commander in the Network, though not especially senior. And Pakistani officials said he was taking an active role in hostilities though they were not more specific. Either way, his death was reportedly “not likely to seriously affect the group’s operations”.

Mohammed was reportedly either going to meet Sirajuddin or on his way to a funeral. An anonymous US intelligence official told the Long War Journal: “We would really have liked to have killed his brother instead. Siraj was the target, he is the one we are after.” The official added: “Getting Mohammed is a good sign, but we felt we’ve been close before.” Sirajuddin was accused of involvement in the December 2009 attack on a CIA outpost in Khost, Afghanistan, among other attacks.

A member of the Haqqani family told the Associated Press Mohammed’s funeral was attended by hundreds of locals and families.

Sources and Citations

Pakistani security officials, residents and goverrment officials (Reuters); two Pakistani intelligence sources and a Taliban source (CNN); family friend of the Haqqanis (New York Times); Official sources & a man from Haqqani family (Dawn) TTP spokesman told Dawn TV (Xinhua)


Died 18/02/2010

Details of the strike

    Known Family

    • Jalaluddin Haqqani, father
    • Siraj Haqqani, older brother
    • Badruddin Haqqani, brother

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