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Sorry for killing your son, CIA tells drone strike victim’s family during unprecedented meeting

In an unprecedented moment of transparency during a 14 year covert war, US officials have met the family of an accidental drone strike victim to explain what happened and apologise.

Naming the dead: Only 10 of scores killed by US drones in Pakistan last year have been identified

The 10 killed in 2015 for whom we have names, including Warren Weinstein (bottom left) and Giovanni Lo Porto (top left). Just 10 of the scores killed by US drones in Pakistan last year have so far been identified, according to data … Continued

ANALYSIS Counting the cost of US drones: Local wars killing local people

As the Bureau revealed recently, at least 38 Westerners have been killed by covert US drones. But this figure is dwarfed by how many local people have died in the strikes.

COMMENT: The bodies pile up in Yemen’s civil war and Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign, but who is counting the casualties?

Demonstrations against Houthis in Yemen in January 2015 (Mohammed Hamoud/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images) Between 29 and 45 people were reported killed by an apparent air attack at the al Mazraq camp – some were said to have been burned beyond recognition. … Continued

Secret cache of al Qaeda messages to Osama bin Laden corroborates Bureau drone strike reports in Pakistan

Al Qaeda files captured when the US killed Bin Laden contain names of CIA drone strike victims.

Drone strikes continue but the dead die unnamed

Reports of drone strikes continue to emerge from the tribal areas but not names of the dead. (Image:Vocativ) Only 30 of the 104 people reported killed in drone strikes in Pakistan this year have been identified, the Bureau’s Naming the … Continued

Only 4% of drone victims in Pakistan named as al Qaeda members

No information is available on what group most alleged “militants” belonged to.

Naming the Dead records the names of more than 700 killed by drones in Pakistan

The database expands past 700 with the addition of three al Qaeda members.

Ten years on: eyewitnesses describe the aftermath of the first Pakistan drone strike

Nek Mohammed was a senior commander – but two children also died in the first Pakistan drone strike.

‘I saw a big balloon of dust. Then I heard a bang’ – an eyewitness speaks

Unpicking the puzzles of a man’s vivid eyewitness account of a drone strike.