Drug resistance

Drug resistance

The rise of superbugs and the use of antibiotics in food and farming.

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‘Sepsis from a superbug nearly killed me’

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The Bureau has a dedicated team investigating antibiotic resistance (AMR), which has become a global public health crisis. Earlier this week, we revealed the government’s estimate of 5,000 AMR-related deaths a year in the UK is based on guesswork, and at least … Continued

An estimated 700,000 people die each year around the world because they have an infection that has become immune to the drugs used to treat it.

Without effective antibiotics, infections – like sepsis, or food poisoning – can kill.

And as more and more bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, routine medical procedures which rely on antibiotics to prevent infection – like chemotherapy, organ transplants and hip replacements – will become impossible.

In this investigation a team of Bureau reporters dig into this critical public health issue. Initially we are focusing on antibiotics, food and farming – an under reported part of the problem.

Want to know more about the issue and why you should care? Here’s our explainer.

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