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Obama’s covert drone war in numbers: ten times more strikes than Bush

Obama embraced the US drone programme, overseeing more strikes in his first year than Bush carried out during his entire presidency. The use of drones aligned with Obama’s ambition to keep up the war against al Qaeda while extricating the US military from intractable ground wars, but the targeted killing programme has drawn much criticism.

Donald Trump and the media’s ‘epic fail’

There were so many uncertainties in the lead up to this morning’s US election result, but one thing is clear: journalism, just like the pollsters, failed. Now more than ever, we need strong, independent, fearless and deep reporting that holds power to account.

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‘Killers having lunch’: The real life Wolves of Wall Street

A London solicitor has begun a legal battle with an online investment company that is accused of scamming people from all over the world. If successful the case could open the floodgates to thousands of claimants who say they have been ripped off by what is known as binary options – a scheme sold as an investment opportunity that in reality is a gamble or straight-up scam.