Get the data: The Bureau’s financial lobby database


Off the charts: the Bureau quantifies the UK’s financial lobby.

The size and scale of Britain’s financial lobby has never been quantified – until now.

It took the Bureau’s Financial Lobby Team four months to map Britain’s financial services public affairs sector.

We sifted through policy consultations, registers and committee minutes, and contacted hundreds of people involved in lobbying.

Our study reveals 129 British-based organisations linked with financial services actively engaged in the UK policymaking and regulatory process. They spend a total of £92.8m and directly employ over 800 individuals.

The financial services lobby consists of public affairs staff at individual companies, public affairs consultancies, industry bodies, law firms, management consultancies, political donors, regulators and one local authority.

Our database divides into ‘Types of Organisations’ and provides a conservative estimate of the amount of money spent on public affairs engagement. We also identify the number of people engaged with public affairs within a specific organisation and the political connections those organisations have.

There are a handful of organisations on our database which contribute to the public affairs debate but did not return calls, had no information on their website and did not file financial statements at Companies House. We included these organisations as members of the financial services lobby but we did not attribute any financial information against their name.

We hope you find the Bureau’s Financial Lobby database useful. We welcome your comments or suggestions. With any database, names and situations change and positions come and go. The Bureau is committed to quickly and accurately amend changes that may have happened since the database was compiled. If you see anything that needs changing or that we have missed, please email [email protected].

Click here to see the Financial Lobby dataset in alphabetical order.

Click here to see the Financial Lobby dataset sorted by biggest lobbying funds. 

This database is presented as a Google Docs spreadsheet. To download an editable version, select File > Download As.


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