The State of Surveillance: The Data

The Bureau and London-based human rights group Privacy International have compiled a comprehensive database of companies that sell surveillance products.

Using the interface below, you can search by company, or by the country the company is headquartered in: for instance, you could search for the company ‘AGT’ to look at that single company, or for ‘Germany’ in order to view all of the companies located in that country.

The database displays the types of product the company makes. Clicking the company name brings up a pop-up box with more information, including (where available) names of key individuals, addresses, websites and Google Map locations. There are also links to the brochures and other materials preleased by WikiLeaks and Privacy International.

All information is drawn from promotional materials, including brochures and website material, as well as public-domain information such as corporate records and existing press coverage.

If you’d like to contact us about the database, please send us an email at [email protected].

Database compiled by the Bureau and Privacy International

Database design by Matthew Wrigley