The data: Top ten City financiers of the Tory Party


Research by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism details for the first time the full extent of donations made to the Tory party by members of the Financial Services industry since 2005.

The biggest individual City backer of the Tories is David Rowland, who has contributed £4.013m in just two years. Property investment made Rowland his first fortune, but he has moved into more general investment and City activity.

In second place is Michael Farmer, founder of hedge fund RK Capital, who has donated £2.97m over the last five years.

The top ten donors together gave £13.17m (13% of all Tory funding), as shown by the table below.

Name Sector Total Donated
1 David Rowland Financier £4,031,016
2 Michael Farmer Hedge Fund £2,973,850
3 Stanley Fink Hedge Fund £1,945,141
4 Michael Hintze Hedge Fund £1,235,000
5 Paul Adrian Beecroft Private Equity £537,076
6 James Lyle Hedge Fund £500,000
7 Jonathan Wood Hedge Fund £500,000
8 Peter J Hall Investment Fund £493,540
9 George M Magan Banker & Investment Fund £485,000
10 Paul Ruddock Hedge Fund £465,000
TOTAL £13,165,623