The Bureau of Investigative Journalism


The Bureau of Investigative Journalism officially launched on Monday April 26 2010. The independent not-for-profit organisation, which is based at City University, is the first of its kind in the UK and aims to bolster original journalism by producing high-quality investigations for national and international press and broadcast media.

In the current economic climate it is increasingly difficult for editors to invest in expensive long-term investigations. The Bureau received a £2 million grant from the Potter Foundation last year to try and plug the gap. Its long-term aim is to explore new ways of conducting and funding investigative journalism.

The Bureau’s investigations have been covered by Panorama, Dispatches, Al Jazeera, Channel 4 News, the Sunday Times, the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Independent and the Financial Times.

The Bureau has more than twenty journalists working across several major investigations.

If you have questions, contact us on [email protected] or +44 (0) 207 040 0081